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Rules For Ideal Goldfish-Keeping

Goldfish is the most popular pet everywhere in the world.
Majority of people have had goldfish at their home at some time in their life.
But unfortunately many times the fish will die within a few days, getting much disappointment and frustration to the fish-keeper.
That marks the end of their desire to keep goldfish.
However, things are not that difficult.
Goldfish can live for a number of years pleasing you if you care them properly.
The first mistake people make while bringing goldfish to their home is keeping them in a bowl.
Goldfish are never comfortable in bowls.
They grow very fast and they require a big space to swim around.
It is true that people used to keep goldfish in bowls in olden times.
However that was hundreds of years ago! Now people have realized that bowls are not suitable for goldfish.
Goldfish look great but they are very dirty in their day to day routine.
They produce a lot of waste which starts accumulating at the bottom of the tank, contaminating the entire water.
They shed scales frequently, which create a lot of waste.
They eat a lot; in fact they are eager to eat whenever you are feeding them.
But they will throw waste equally fast! That is why you need to clean the water of your aquarium frequently.
If you are a bit lazy in this job, they will stay in dirty conditions which will affect their health.
Goldfish are very intelligent creatures.
They will realize the person who is feeding them.
Whenever they see that person, they will come to the top of your water level and expect the food.
However it is not advisable to feed them too much.
You should keep a record of their feeding and the quantity of food should be slightly lesser then their normal requirement.
If you find food accumulating at the bottom of the tank, it is an indication that goldfish are fed much in excess of their requirement.
It will also deteriorate the conditions of water, making it more toxic.
For fancy goldfish, excessive food is bad because it will increase the size of their abdomens.
It will also affect their swim bladder and they will start swimming upside down! You should not feed more meat to goldfish.
In fact the diet of goldfish should be equally divided into two parts - vegetarian and carnivorous.
Appropriate feeding of goldfish will increase for their resistance to diseases and they will be able to face adverse conditions in the tank.
Goldfish are mainly cold water fish and they are not comfortable with the warm water.
That is why tropical fish is not a good company for them.
Also, goldfish and tropical fish come from different environments, so the parasites which are living on goldfish may be harmful for tropical fish.
So it's better to exclude tropical fish from a goldfish tank.
In short, if you provide appropriate conditions and maintain your aquarium properly, you will find goldfish much pleasurable pet for a number of years.

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