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How to Calculate the Density of a Molecule

    Measure the mass and volume in order to calculate density

    • 1). Use a metric scale to measure the mass of your material. For instance, if you want to calculate the density of a molecule of ice, place an ice cube on a scale and record the number of grams.

    • 2
      Use a graduated cylinder to calculate the volume of the material.cylinder image by Hubert from

      Measure the volume of the material using a graduated cylinder. Place the material inside the graduated cylinder and add enough water to completely submerge the object. Record the volume at the top of the water. Remove the material and record the new volume. Subtract the second volume from the first; the difference is the volume of the object.

    • 3). Divide mass by volume to calculate density. Since the density of a material remains the same no matter how much you are working with, the density of the measured object is equal to the density of a molecule of the same material.

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