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Dog Training Tips For a New Dog Owner

Bought a new pet and looking forward to being a good dog owner? Then perhaps you may find these tips useful.
Your dog is going to be a new addition to the family, and it's going to take some time to house break the dog and train the dog to fit into the lifestyle of the family.
Whatever happens, be patient.
Give more time to your pet to get used to your living habits.
Tip 1: Be firm with your dog.
Dogs are social animals.
When in a group, they tend to follow a leader.
The leader asserts himself by being in command all the time.
Usually, a natural leader will emerge within a group.
When a dog is with a family, human beings become part of the dog's social circle.
If you don't take command of your dog, your pet may assume the role of the leader and you will face difficulty trying to control the dog.
For example, when walking your pet, don't let the animal pull you around.
You have to remind yourself that you are the one walking the dog and not the other way round! Tip 2: House breaking tips.
Since your dog has just joined your family, it may be unfamiliar with the family members and its new surroundings.
It is your job to house break the dog so that it doesn't create unwanted problems for you.
Many experts recommend the crate training method, especially if your pet is still young.
The primary purpose of using a crate is to tune the biological clock of the pet so that it eliminates during more convenient times.
Also, if you have a specific spot that you want your dog to eliminate, you can also train your dog to recognize the spot.
Understand that nothing happens overnight.
Be patient while the dog learns what you want.
Tip 3: Verbal commands.
Dogs respond well to various verbal commands.
If you have a specific action that you want your dog to perform, be sure to use very specific verbal cues so as not to confuse the dog.
Basic commands include, "Sit", "No", "Jump", "Come", and "Go".
Tip 4: Shower your pet with praise and reward.
Use a reward to let your pet know that it has done the right thing.
In many ways, dogs behave very much like little children.
Sometimes, in order to get it to behave, all you need is to give it a little treat.
Therefore, it's always useful to have some kind of treat in your pocket.
When you catch your pet doing something right, give the treat to your pet.
If you really don't have anything to offer, the least you can do is to pet your dog and give some verbal praise.
In time to come, the dog will understand and remember your habits and provide you with the kind of friendship that you are looking for.
Training a dog is never an easy task, especially if this is the first time that you own a dog.
Don't hesitate to speak to pet store owners, vets and other pet owners to acquire the necessary knowledge to keep your dog happy.

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