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How Do I Install a Goldwing Seat?

    • 1). Set the seat on top of the bike near the installation area.

    • 2). Grasp the wiring harness connector on the seat in one hand and the wiring harness connector attached to the bike under the seat frame in the other hand. Press the two connectors together to attach the wiring for a heated seat. There is an audible click when the two sides connect properly. Skip this step if the seat is not heated.

    • 3). Raise the seat up and tilt the nose down at a 45-degree angle. Slide the two metal nose tabs protruding from the front forward underneath the metal shelter. The seat nose is the front part of the seat, and the shelter is a metal bar that is horizontal from left to right near the gas tank rear.

    • 4). Set the seat on the seat frame. Align the bolt holes on each side with the frame holes.

    • 5). Raise the rear passenger arm rests up to gain better access to the seat bottom. The arms pivot up vertically next to the rear seat back.

    • 6). Place the two seat bolts in each side. Tighten them with an adjustable wrench. If there are hand holds on each side, place the bolts through the handles, their brackets and the seat.

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