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How to Make Changes to a Mexico Cruise Itinerary

    • 1). Take action the moment you realize that you need to make a change to your trip. Most cruise lines will charge you a penalty fee for this change, and the fee may increase as your scheduled departure approaches. You should decide as soon as possible exactly how you want to change your itinerary.

    • 2). Examine your booking agreement, and read your cruise provider's policies on changing your itinerary. Some cruise providers will only allow you to change the date of your trip, whereas others will allow you to change the destination as well. Your booking agreement also states how much it will cost you, if anything, to make the changes you need.

    • 3). Read your traveler's insurance policy, if you have one. If you purchased traveler's insurance, the cost of your change may be covered. This is especially the case if you have to make a change due to illness. Note that if you purchased your cruise with a credit card, your credit card company might carry traveler's insurance for you. Contact your credit card company if this may be the case.

    • 4). Contact your travel agent or, if you don't have an agent, contact the cruise provider and ask whether you can make the changes you need. Even if the changes are against the provider's policies, they may be willing to work with you if you are willing to pay extra or if you have a pressing reason to make the changes.

    • 5). Pay the fee incurred for changing your travel plans, and ask your cruise provider or travel agent for confirmation of your new plans.

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