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South Florida Landscaping Ideas

    Groundcovers and Trees

    • For the sandy soil in areas of high salt concentration, found in south Florida, the right type of ground cover is essential. For this type of condition, inkberry is recommended as the primary ground cover, according to Florida Friendly Landscaping. This slow-growing plant does well in sandy or loamy soil and has a high salt tolerance. Because of the slow growth rate of this plant, adding trees and shrubs will help fill in the landscape, while the inkberry spreads. To complement the pink and white flowers of the inkberry, marlberry or wild cinnamon trees with spider lily accents, complete the native look.

    Native Grasses

    • Muhly grass is a type of native grass that has a high tolerance for salt, as needed in south Florida. This grass features white autumn blooms. The grass reaches heights of two to five feet and a spread of approximately two to three feet. Muhly grass also has a high tolerance for both draughts and floods. One use for muhly is as a border around raised planters of coontie or goldenrod. For a nice contrast, add the swamp sunflower in the center of the beds. All of these plants tolerate draught and full Florida sun, which can destroy other non-native plants.


    • The typical south Florida landscape of palms swaying in the breeze may seem a bit cliche, but when added with other palm type plants, a unique landscape can be created. Rather than using the typical Florida thatch palm, plant the silver palm, with its white summer flowers surrounded, by yaupon holly or weeping lantana. Include an occasional yucca for contrast, with alternating coontie plants, to bring in some variety. Using panic grass as edging around the planted areas, will give the landscape a distinctive border, as well as complement the silver palm, nicely.

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