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3 loser activities people did when the net was young

For most of us, the internet is not a new place to play around with. It has been existing for a long time now but the number of users before the year 2000 was low compared to now. Can you remember the things you did when the internet just started? Do you feel like a loser doing those now? I bet you wouldn't do these now:

1. Signing Guest Books

Yes! The more signatures, the more popular you are! Crap, I still remember logging on to Mirc and soliciting signature in #teens channel! We also employ other tactics like the annoying private messaging move. You ask €CTC?€ then €Asl€ then €Can you sign my guestbook at€¦€ Those were the loser days!

It actually evolved now to facebook wall, friendster testimonials and myspace messages. Still the same guestbook thingy, only in a different way.

2. Chat clients like Mirc

Can you remember this? I bet you could! You would even beg for @ops (operator) status so you could play God! You would be respected in real life because your friends would be afraid that you would €kick€ them out from the chat room for their shitty chat up lines! At times, you would just park your nicks so no one would steal your nickname and your room would not be empty. Waste of time.

3. Hotmail

Yes, if you don't have one, you were obsolete. Everyone wanted to get a free e-mail address since most companies charge rates for owning one and I am sure, for once in your life, you also owned one of those weird (cool user names at that time) user names people use as pseudonyms. 2cool4u@hotmailcom, etc. then, here comes the time you are applying for a job, and you put that email in your resume. How turn off can that be?

In a decade or so, I think the things we do now with social networking sites would sound lame already. Are you ready to be in the lame list again?

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