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Foods for St. Patrick's Day

    • For dessert, make shamrock cookies.Jupiterimages/ Images

      Saint Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland. Celebrated on March 17, Saint Patrick's Day, or the feast day of Saint Patrick, is a national and religious holiday in Ireland. It has become primarily a secular holiday in the United States, enjoyed by those of Irish descent, as well as those who claim status as honorary Irish for one day in March. Food is a focal point of the holiday, as well as the tradition of serving green beer and wearing green.

    Corned Beef and Cabbage

    • Corned beef and cabbage is an Irish tradition that began in the United States with Irish immigrants. Irish immigrants in the 19th century were typically very poor and could not afford to have meat more than once a week. The meat they chose was brisket, the least expensive cut, which they prepared with brine. They served the corned beef with the least expensive vegetable of the time, green cabbage. It became the traditional meal served in the United States for Saint Patrick's Day. Boiled bacon is a traditional Saint Patrick's Day meal served in Ireland, according to the History Channel. Today, restaurants in the United States often add corned beef and cabbage, served with boiled potatoes, to their menu on March 17th. Red potatoes, with the skins left on, are a popular choice for a potato side dish. Corn beef is cooked by boiling, baking or roasting.

    Irish Stew

    • Irish stew is one of the most famous dishes from Ireland, according to "A Celebration of Cultural Richness in Our Community" by Cynthia H. Roberts, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. Irish stew is a traditional food served on Saint Patrick's Day, made with lamb, potatoes and other vegetables. The stew is a hearty meal, which was a main staple of Irish peasants, who often raised sheep and potatoes.

    Irish Inspired

    • When looking for something different to serve on Saint Patrick's Day, consider other Irish-inspired recipes or look for new ways to cook up a traditional Saint Patrick's Day meal. Instead of stewing the lamb, prepare roasted lamb with a red cabbage salad. Bake up a meat pie made with chicken or lamb. Prepare Irish soda bread, which is a nonyeast bread. Serve fish by making up a batch of rich salmon chowder. Whatever meal you prepare, make sure you serve it with potatoes.

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