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Tips on How to Go Green and Save Money

In this time of global economic crisis, it is very important for us to know how to save money. Green living is one of the best ways to do it. Green living is defined as any action or activities that contribute to preserving our planet. These activities are not just beneficial to the planet but also to all living species including humans. Here are some ways on how to go green and save money.

You can start in your own house. Switch off those electrical items that are not in use. For instance, some of us tend to leave lights on even if no one is using it or putting our computers or TV's on standby mode just because we are too lazy on plugging it or turning it on again. These electrical items still consumes electricity even if it's on standby mode. Don't you feel bad to know that you're paying for something that you are not using? It will also save our planet since we are reducing the use of power energies.

Growing your own food like fruits and vegetables is another way to go green. You don't need to own a big land. If you live in a small apartment, planting vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes in a pot will do. This will not just save your money from buying foods in the supermarkets, you are also sure that it's healthy and free from any harmful chemicals. Also, gardening is another way of relieving ourselves from stress. There are different books and websites today that provide information on how to go green by planting your own produce.

Do you want to lose weight without spending too much money and time in the gym and weight loss pills? Then you may want to consider walking instead of using your car to work or shops. Walking is one of the best weight loss exercises. You can also ride a bike instead if walking is not possible. You don't just save money and lose weight, you are also contributing a lot in saving our planet from air pollution.

Believe it or not, green living can cut your spending drastically. Imagine cutting your grocery budget so you can use it for a holiday vacation or even buy the stuff that you've wanted to buy. Green living is not that complicated. All you have to do is look around and think of how to go green.

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