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Armor Defense Removal - How to Remove the Armor Defense Spyware From Your PC Forever

Armor Defense is an antivirus tool which does not help your PC one bit.
This software has been created to try and scam you into buying a fake software package that does not work to fix your PC.
It installs itself on your computer, pretends to scan and then reports back a series of fake reports.
This then scares the user into buying the software, which actually does nothing to fix your PC.
What Is Armor Defense & Why Is It So Bad? Armor Defense is a tool that has been designed with the sole intention of scamming you.
The hackers who made this product have taken their time to make it look as authentic as possible, so that you will think its actually doing good for your PC.
Unfortunately, it will then con you into paying good money for the tool that will not do anything to help your PC at all by showing a series of annoying alerts and ads.
Although it does not harm your PC, it does not do any good for it and should be removed.
How Do You Get Infected With It? Like many similar "fake antivirus" tools, Armor Defense has been promoted as being a good way to fix your PC.
However, it actually has no way of fixing any viruses that you might have.
Most infections of this spyware come from the likes of Trojan Horse viruses, which install this tool on your PC without your knowledge.
It can literally come from 100's of different sources, but its how you remove it which counts.
How To Remove Armor Defense To remove this pest, you simply need to follow a simple method for manual removal.
This tool does not come with any sort of uninstall features, so you've got to go in and remove all parts of it yourself.
And to do this, you need to first stop all its processes running.
This will prevent the tool from loading up and will allow you to do the next step, which is to remove the files that it needs to run.
These are its 'program files' which you need to remove by browsing your PC and deleting them with the SHIFT + DELETE command.
After that, you need to clean out all the malicious settings this tool placed in the registry by using a registry cleaner.

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