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Two Reasons Why Online MLM Recruits Are Better Than Offline

MLM Recruits that come to you using online methods are typically a higher quality lead for two reasons.
First, they went onto the internet looking for a solution.
They took the initiative to find an answer to a problem they have.
This is so much better than someone opening up their favorite magazine and having ads plastered at them from all angles (they didn't really ask to see the ads, they were just there).
Of course, everyone realizes that the ads in television, radio, and magazines are what pay for the value.
But that doesn't mean people want to see them.
Oftentimes people go onto the internet looking for ads if you will (solutions).
What if they viewed your content as the solution? This is so important because if someone has a problem and they are actively looking for a solution, they are in a "buying" mode.
Meaning, if you can make a convincing case as to why the prospect should trust you or buy from you, you're half way to making the sale or sponsoring a new member for your business.
Second, if you've done a good job with your marketing, people will have gone through several different channels of prospecting before they get to you.
Rather than just being invited to call you from a magazine article, they've been led through your blog, videos, and even joined your email list.
You've developed a pre-existing relationship with that particular person.
Therefore, your phone call to them will be viewed as a helpful phone call rather than an annoying one.
Compare this someone who calls you not having gone through any supplemental marketing content of yours.
Even if they do call you, it'll be a tough close.
Offline recruiting still can be and is effective for the right type of person.
If you're not a super-persuasive, charismatic, person etc, consider using online marketing to recruit distributors for your MLM business.

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