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How to Adjust an Affinity Door

    • 1). Remove the plastic cover from the top and bottom door hinges to expose the screws underneath. Place the tip of a flat blade screwdriver on the edge of the plastic, fitting it in the small gap, lifting until the cover pops off.

    • 2). Tighten the screw on the left of the top bracket, turning it clockwise with a Phillips screwdriver to move the door vertically. This screw should be adjusted if the cabinet door is crooked on the cabinet when the door is shut.

    • 3). Tighten the screw on the right of the top bracket with a Phillips screwdriver to adjust the door to close against the opposite door properly without overlapping.

    • 4). Turn the screws at the top and bottom of the top bracket counterclockwise with a Phillips screwdriver to loosen them enough so the door will move on the bracket. Repeat with the top and bottom screws of the bottom bracket.

    • 5). Adjust the door, lifting it to sit vertically where it meets the opposite door correctly. Tighten the loosened screws on both brackets, turning clockwise. Close the doors to ensure there is a proper fit.

    • 6). Replace the plastic cover over each bracket, popping in on the bracket with your hand.

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