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How to Write Metatags

    • 1). Type "<META name=" (without quotes) into the "Head" of the HTML code of your website. The "Head" is the portion at the top of the HTML code, prior to the code for the actual content of the side. After "<META name=", type the name of the set of metatags you're going to type. For example, if you're typing keywords for your site, type "keywords" (put the name in quotes). If you're typing a description, call the tag "description."

    • 2). Type a space and then type "content=" (without quotes).

    • 3). Type your metatag information immediately after the "content=". Separate all keywords by a comma. If you're typing a description, you can use spaces instead of commas. Be sure everything you put in this section of the metatag is encased in quotation marks.

    • 4). Type a ">" (without quotes) immediately after the last portion of your metatag. This "closes" the tag within the HTML code of your site. The metatags are now ready for publishing with your site.

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