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Things to Remember When Switching to a New Car Insurance Company

With the large number of car insurance companies offering multitudes of different services nowadays, it is always common that you find a new company that has better offers and coverage than the one you already have.
Now, switching to a new carrier is perfectly allowed by the law, because it is your prerogative who to entrust your safety to, so there's no problem when you decide to ditch your old policy for a better one.
However, switching to a new car insurance policy is not exactly as Sunday morning, so you may need to remember a thing or two about it.
Luckily, you've come to the right place to learn about the things you need to keep in mind when switching to a new policy.
One of the first things you need to know when you've found a better deal than your old car insurance is that you need to actually purchase this plan before you file for the cancellation of your old one.
This is important because any lapse in car insurance can get you in trouble.
In most states, they impose a fine on motorists that allow a lapse on their insurance, aside from the jail time other stricter states have waiting for these law violators.
Always remember that when you own a car and are licensed to drive it, you need to have car insurance, so any lapse of coverage means you're posing a threat to yourself and to others, instantly making you eligible for penalty.
Once you already have a new policy from your new auto insurance company, you may now contact your old carrier and cancel your account from them.
As you are now already paying for a new policy, there's no more reason to continue paying for your old one.
Unfortunately, though, purchasing a new insurance policy from a different auto insurance company than your old one does not necessarily mean that your contract with the old carrier is already terminated, so you still need to notify them.
Do this by calling them or sending them a letter stating your reasons for cancellation.
Make sure, though, to continue keeping in touch with them so you'll know what to do to finish the cancellation process of your old insurance policy.
Also, don't hesitate to provide the information about your new carrier to your old company.
This is perfectly legal because companies need to file their activities to the DMV in order to have everything in file.
Remember that you need to be filed under the list of those with insurance, so when switching insurance companies, make sure that you do everything you need to do to get things in place so you don't need to face hassles in the future.

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