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How to Buy Lingerie Online?

With our hectic schedules, we barely have the time to go shopping into a brick and motor store. But with emerging online websites, this has become easier. But we have to keep a few things in mind before deciding what to shop from which website. This becomes even more important is you are shopping for lingerie online. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before shopping lingerie online.

Purpose of buying the lingerie

Maybe when you start off, all you may know is that you need to buy lingerie. Let's start thinking carefully about what you need, what occasion are you buying the lingerie for. It can be for a practical reason of wearing lingerie everyday or maybe a special occasion like Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Birthdays, etc. Buying lingerie to impress and buying lingerie for your everyday use are two different things. For example, if you are buying lingerie for seductive purpose the fit and seamlessness may not be a concern but if it is for work fit and seamlessness are quite important aspects that you will have to look for. It's a fact that you will need two different sets of lingerie to solve these different purposes. Hence it is advisable to pre decide what is that you want to buy the lingerie for.

Pre-Decide the Budget

Decide what your budget is and the maximum amount you are ready to spend on it. If you love a lingerie that is out of your budget what you can do is maybe buy the bra this month and the matching knickers the next month. Set your priorities straight and the reasons to.

Know your size well

It is very important to know your size perfectly before you buy lingerie. Measures your size every time before you shop for lingerie, All the online websites have a size guide that you can refer to before making a purchase. Make it a point to take a little extra effort to find out your accurate size before you
placing your order online. You can also search for buyer reviews giving an insight on the sizing of a particular brand you want to buy online.

Browse well before buying

Go through every item on sale before buying the product. It so happens at times that you place an order for the product once and later you like something else. This makes you regret buying the product. Hence go through the entire collection first and then make your choices from the shortlisted products.

Delivery, returns and time scales

When you shop online, you don't get the products immediately. Different websites take different span of time to send your products across. Hence depending on the urgency of the items, place your order. Most of the online stores offer a hassle free return policy these days. Yet it is advisable to go through it once just to be sure.

Read Product Descriptions

Go through the product description of the products you are looking to buy. At times especially in lingerie there are a certain errors that might happen. E.g.: you are looking to buy a detachable strap bra and if you don't read the description correctly you might end up buying a non detachable bra. Besides this the material is also mentioned clearly.


Check out the offers page on the website before placing your order. At times the offers are not displayed so prominently on the website. It is always better to go and check the offers page before placing the order. Everyone likes saving a few extra bucks.

Follow these tips and you are all set to shop online like a professional shopper.

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