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Handmade Items Make Great Gifts

A gift is a token of appreciation, often given to someone special, to express our affection for them. When we shop for a gift, we are looking for something that says we know this person, we have been paying attention. We want them to feel special.

Sometimes, though, it is hard to find something special. Advertisers often tell us their product makes a great gift, but does it? That often depends on the person. Usually, an average item the recipient can go get themselves isn’t really all that special.

But a handmade item usually is very special.

Buying something new and modern is exciting. But we want our gifts to stand out. A handmade item can often remind the recipient of something from their past. Or even recreate that item. Does your sister remember the hand-embroidered towels that hung in your grandmother’s kitchen when the two of you would go visit? Wouldn’t she love receiving similar towels with hand embroidery on them? If you remember the design on the towels, you may be able to find a similar design online or draw it yourself. Most people really like reminders of the past and of childhood. A handmade item can provide that connection and kindle a memory.

Going shopping and looking for a gift is certainly time-consuming for the giver, but the recipient might see it as an item he can go buy himself. A handmade gift will be treasured for the time that the giver put into it making it. Dad can easily buy himself as many coffee mugs as he wants, but when his son goes to a pottery place and takes time to make a mug himself, then the time he spent doing something for his Dad is captured in that mug. Time creating has different meaning compared to time shopping.

A handmade item is more memorable, often because a story is attached to it. Which would have a story attached to it, a store bought scarf or a handmade scarf? Obviously the more memorable of those two is the handmade scarf. So it is with most handmade gifts. When someone compliments you on the gift, instead of saying just thanks, or “my mom gave it to me” you can say with pride, “thanks, my mother made it.” And each time you use or see the handmade gift, you can remember that again.

Handmade items make excellent gifts for the people we want to appreciate. They can remind them of pleasant times, they will be treasured for the time spent making them, and they will be memorable.

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