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Classroom Blogs - How Popular is Your Edublog? Where Do You Rank?

How does your classroom blog rank in the blogosphere? As teachers, we're focused on helping our students to polish their work.
Then, the harsh reality sets in.
No one (aside from your students) is visiting your blog.
(And, your students only read the posts because they have to.
) This post isn't about how to drive traffic to your classroom blog, although that's a vitally important step.
(That's what all webmasters work on.
) Instead, this post is to figure out how popular is your blog.
(So, although many of the following points might be common knowledge to bloggers and designers, if you're not a teacher in the biz, chances are it's new to you.
  1. Do strangers leave comments on your posts or your students' posts? If the only people leaving comments on your student work are students in your class, then you're missing out on the power of the internet.
    There's nothing more exciting than seeing your first comment from somebody out in cyberspace...
    Just make sure you consider internet safety and figure out how to protect your students online.
  2. Are you tracking your visitors? Most teachers don't know how to set up a wesite, let alone track visitors, but one of the most exciting things can be knowing that other people are visiting your site.
    You can install a free invisible webtracker which will collect data about provide detailed real-time stats about who your visitors are.
  3. Do you know where your visitors are from? One of the most attractive features about running a classroom blog is that people from around the world can read your work.
    A free widget like clustermaps can display a map right on your blog showing where your visitors are from.
    Your students will love it.
  4. Does Google know who you are? Search engines can drive a lot of traffic.
    Although the googlebots regularly crawls the web and updates the index, you may want to submit your site directly to Google.
  5. Does Google consider your site important? Google PageRank (PR) is a score out of 10 ranking how important Google considers your classroom blog.
    Zero means Google doesn't consider your site important or your site is brand new.
    In comparison, a PR of 10 means your site is the ultimate authority.
    (Curiously, Google.
    com has a PR of 10).
    Check out one of the free sites online that will allow you to check the PageRank of your classroom blog.
  6. Do other people consider your site important? There are several different ways to measure the popularity of a classroom blog.
    Alexa is a traffic rank where the lower your number, the more popular your site is.
    Your Alexa score is based on the number of Alexa users (people who have downloaded the Alexa toolbar).
    Similarly, Technorati is a rank of how popular your blog is in the blogosphere.
    The lower your technorati rank, the more popular the site.

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