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Chandelier Restoration for Better Decor and Lighting

Chandeliers are used to brighten up the house as a number of lights in them reflect from the ceiling where we hang it. In previous times, they were often used for embellishing your home but not for illumination.

Did you know that the biggest of them is the one hangs inside the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque located in Oman and weighs 8.5 tons!
Fortunately, for your home you don't need something as huge as that! There is a wide variety of chandeliers available for your home or your commercial establishment. However, the most popular choice among homeowners is a Crystal one.

They are used to illuminate the entire room and use refracted light to do so which gives the room a nice and warm glow.

They are available in various sizes, shapes, colours and designs like

Crystal: They give an attractive light as it bounces of the glass and gets reflected into the room

Drum: These are the most commonly available and are used in homes and offices. They are not as classy as crystal one and usually used in areas where focused light is required

Tiffany: These are made of glass and are handmade with amazing designs which resemble stained glass windows


Chandeliers add elegance and a glow to our house. It is important that they should be restored and cared for in a timely manner. Like all other equipments and accessories, they do require some maintenance as well. The process of restoration is not that difficult. Sometimes, we see that there are a few broken pieces and try to fix it ourselves. We need to understand that it is an expensive item and should be repaired only by a specialist. It is difficult for an individual to repair and clean it.

A person who owns an antique chandelier at his home needs to give it proper maintenance. He should be aware of the fact since they are old they need a better restoration process to give them an elegant look. Today, chandeliers are available in many new styles which make it difficult for individuals to manage the restoration process.

However, if anyone has an antique one then it is easier to do the restoration yourself to some extent. Apart from this, an individual can take the help of an expert to get it fixed. Their restoration is important if you desire to give your home a fresh feel.

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