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How to Boost TV Signals

    • 1). Purchase a signal amplifier at a local electronics store. These boxes receive the TV signal, increase its quality and then rebroadcast it to the surrounding areas. Be sure to check if your television already has a signal amplifier built in because too much amplification can actually degrade picture quality.

    • 2). Attach a coat hanger or other wire object to the antenna to increase its surface area and range of reception. This will help with a fuzzy or shadowed picture but isn't likely to cure a very, very weak signal.

    • 3). Install a larger or higher-quality antenna. If the broadcasting tower is very far from your home, it might be worthwhile to install a rooftop antenna that catches the signal in a much stronger location and then transmits it downward into the home.

    • 4). Try different TV placements in the room. Sometimes walls are constructed with materials that can weaken or block signals. Moving the TV away from these walls could bring a much clearer picture in.

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