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What Are the User Benefits in the Latest Windows Mobile 6.1 Release?

Microsoft have recently released Windows Mobile 6.
1 (WM6.
1), the operating system (OS) is seen as a minor upgrade to the previous Windows Mobile 6.
0 platform, but what are the user benefits...
The main aesthetic update is regarding the home screen, providing the ability to navigate via horizontal tiles that can be expanded when selected to deliver further information to the user.
In addition the home screen provides the user with information panels allowing the user to quickly view up to date instant information such as missed calls, upcoming appointments and new messages, plus accessing music and photo sharing.
A benefit perhaps geared towards the consumer rather than business market is the threaded SMS function, this provides the ability to link or merge messages from a recipient.
This is similar to a chat or Windows Live Messenger function we may well be used to, this eliminates the need to open and close previous messages when composing and replying to contacts.
Depending on your business model this may have a benefit but I would expect this to be particularly beneficial to consumers and or social device users, never the less an area that is likely to grow as Windows Mobile expands into the consumer marketplace.
An updated version of Internet Explorer Mobile provides users with higher quality web browsing via iPhone-like pan and zoom functionality; this will make for an improved user experience.
I would suggest less a benefit more a status enhancement, users familiar with receiving and sending emails from BlackBerry (RIM) devices will recognise the automatic insertion of a signature quoting: "Sent from my BlackBerry wireless email device" (or similar), Windows Mobile 6.
1 adopts a "Sent from my Windows Mobile phone".
From a manufacturer, sales or company perspective I view this as a good inclusion, it spreads the brand and demonstrates to the recipient that you are using the latest technology, i.
moving with the times...

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