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How Organizing Your Closet Can Lower Your Morning Stress Levels

Part of our daily life is getting up and getting dressed and as I lay in my bed procrastinating about getting up and fighting this early morning battle I decided that it would be so lovely to begin each day in a stress-free manner, not having to rush around and panic or become frustrated because I can't find what I was looking for or it was too creased to wear and God forbid needed re-ironing - my pet hate? So I decided to take action and utilize a different approach within my closet.
Wouldn't it be so much more pleasant to be able to decide which shoes, skirts, trousers, shirts or whatever went with what other items I had in my wardrobe and all at the same time? Organizing your closet can make all this possible.
The first thing I did in my closet makeover was to of course get rid of all the items that I don't wear or even worse, that no longer fit and I put them straight into bin-liners and dropped them off at the charity shop!Don't get caught up in the mind-set of "well it doesn't fit me now but I've gained a little weight, it'll fit me again when I lose that weight".
The reality is that yes you may well lose the weight but more than likely that item of clothing won't be in fashion anymore - just bag it and get rid of it there and then.
There are several ways that people decide how to get rid of their old clothes, some say they go by the rule if you haven't worn it during the last 12 months, theyn throw it out.
Some will hold onto clothing they haven't worn or items they haven't used for a little longer than one year, but this time frame is a good rule of thumb that works for many, but not all.
However, be realistic and by this I mean if you have ski clothes then you'll probably want to keep hold of them for a much longer period than a year especially as even though you don't go skiing within that one year time frame, you will probably need them again at some point in the future.
Just be sensible about lifestyle clothing.
Having thrown out all the clothes you don't wear or that don't fit you might actually be enough to sort out your immediate problem but for me I decided that I needed to go a few steps further.
I did this by working out what areas of my closet best suited the items I had.
I then labeled shelves, boxes and bins to remind me to keep my closet tidy and to put things back where they belonged.
I then went through my clothes to decide which ones were relevant to this time of the year and which weren't.
Anything that wasn't relevant to this season went into a suitcase and up into the loft until the appropriate season came back around.
Next I categorized my remaining clothes into:clothes I use every day ie casual clothes like jeans, fleeces, sweaters; another category would be clothes I only use on an evening for a night out or even a very special occasion and then there are clothes that I would wear regularly but not all the time like business suits.
I decided that I didn't have enough closet space so I went out a purchased a few shoe organizers and stackers for some of the bulkier type clothes like sweaters and fleeces.
You could also invest in some shelving or storage bins.
A good tip is to use the back of your closet door for hanging your ties, scarves, belts, purses or other accessories.
There are also some nifty hangers out there which help to increase the capacity of your closet for example, instead of one rod, you might be better off with two parallel rods at different heights to accommodate more clothes in your newly organized closet.
Now that my closet is more organized I have started to take out my outfits on an evening before I go to sleep.
This has had a dramatic effect on my morning stress levels and I actually wake up and smile to myself when I look at the outfit of the day all ready and waiting for me! I hope you have the same success.

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