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Tiki Torches & Weddings


    • Bamboo tiki torches are the best choice for a casual reception or one with an island theme. For a more formal gathering, choose bronze, copper or steel torches.


    • For a smokeless and lengthy burn, choose fiberglass wicks over cotton.

    Gas or Oil

    • For weddings, oil tiki torches are preferable over gas torches. Oil tiki torches are movable rather than being permanently attached to a fuel source. The oil torch can be transported and refilled as necessary.


    • Wedding ceremonies and receptions have various locations that would look pleasant illuminated by tiki torches. Consider lighting the path to the altar or surround and outside dining area or dance floor with torches.


    • The most inexpensive tiki torches are bamboo. Bamboo torches can typically be found for $50 or less. Bronze, copper or steel torches have the potential to cost $60 to $150 each. If using gas torches, factor in the cost of installation as it must be professionally done.

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