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High School Musical Birthday Party Activities


    High School Musical Karaoke

    • The songs are one of the most popular things about the High School Musical movies. You can find reasonably priced karaoke collections for each film. Split party guests into teams so that everyone has a chance to participate in a karaoke singing contest.

    High School Musical Scavenger Hunt

    • Ask your neighbors if they are willing to participate in a scavenger hunt and tie a red ribbon around the mailbox of participating homes. Split party guests into two teams. Make two identical lists of items from the movie that the teams must collect. Give the party guests specific boundaries and a time limit. The first team to come back with all of the items on the list wins. Before sending the teams out on the hunt, go over basic safety rules and make sure the groups stay together, or ask an adult to accompany each group.

    Who Said It?

    • Before the party, write out lines from the movie on slips of paper. On a separate sheet of paper, write out the lines and who said them. Split the guests into two teams. The team who correctly answers the most wins the game. For preteens, teams could go through 20 to 25 lines from the movie, depending on how much time you want the game to take.

    Name That Tune

    • Teams can either take turns humming a few notes or reciting a few words from a song in the movie. The team that answers the most correctly or with the fewest words or notes wins the game. If you have sheet music and a piano, play the songs so that everyone has a fair chance.

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