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How to Find Sums With Fraction Bars

    • 1). Use fraction bars to find equivalent fractions. Compare one fraction bar with another to find two bars that express the same value. For example, the fraction bar 1/2 expresses the same value as 3/6, so they are equivalent fractions.

    • 2). Convert the fractions from your problem to equivalent fractions that have common denominators. For example, if you are adding the fractions 1/2 and 2/3 you would need to find two new equivalent fractions with common denominators. Convert 1/2 to 3/6 and convert 2/3 to 4/6.

    • 3). Add your fractions with the common denominators to find the sum of your original problem. To add fractions you only add the numerators and leave the denominator the same. For example, when adding 4/6 and 3/6 you would add 4 + 3 to get seven, but the denominator would stay six, so your answer would be 7/6. Therefore, the answer to your original problem, 1/2 + 2/3 = 7/6.

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