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ARMotors announced their latest Repair offer - the Aston Martin!

Expanding its reach, ARMotors has added another prestigious Luxury Sports Car Brand to its portfolio; the Aston Martin.

We spoke to Alex Renner, the Managing Director of ARMotors and curiously asked him what made them come up to the decision of adding Aston Martin to their service offering and to the Sports Car Industry in the UAE in general.

For several years now, ARMotors  are already successfully repairing famous sports cars such as Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati Some of these sports car owners have friends or colleagues driving an Aston Martin. Through these connections they spoke to Aston Martin owners and understood that there is a demand away from the local distributor for a reliable and experienced service and repair alternative. Then, they studied the market carefully and decided to add Aston Martin to our portfolio.

As for this portfolio addition, ARMotors has made certain changes and additional in their existing facilities. These include the purchase of several computer sets to conduct engine and electronic check- up as well as other modern specialized tools specifically for the brand. They had also acquired additional experienced manpower. Currently, all other things were already in place including the well-equipped body repair shop as well as the electrical department, which can handle any new brands. More to that, their intensively-trained receptionists are also knowledgeable and can answer all your Aston Martin related queries.  The company had done sensible internal work modifications to effectively facilitate additional cars; one of these modifications is the additional installation of several car-lift facilities. Also, ARMotors had proudly introduced full repair manuals and spare parts catalog available for all Aston Martin models to ensure professional work.

As what most car enthusiast would have in their minds, would there be any conflict with the other car brands with this new addition? Alex Renner confidently claimed that there would be none since as far as they've seen; all of their clientele including Aston Martin owners have more or less the same expectations with the other car brand owners. It does not matter which sports car brand they drive. All of them expect high quality service at the same level or better than the one they had received from the local distributor. Due to our ample experience with Porsche, Maserati and Ferrari; Aston Martin owners are surely to be at peace and confident when they bring their cars for repair and/ or modification to their shop.

In addition, Alex had visioned the remarkable increase of the luxury sports car market all over the UAE.This is since; according to him, the country has proven over the past decades that it is a safe country to settle in, thus encouraging number of investments and is making it easy for businessmen to put up their own business in the market. This significantly brings stability and work to the country. As a consequence the luxury sports car market will continue to grow. Hence, the demand for good quality repair companies like the ARMotors will remain high.

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