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Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Once you've chosen a domain name and are ready to take a website live on the Internet, it's time to decide where that website will live. You need affordable web hosting with a company where the lights are always on, where the services fit your needs and where there is a live person to speak to when you need help with hosting issues.

All web hosting companies are not created equal. Nor are their prices. Take the time to do a little research and compare hosting plans. The same service at one company can cost twice as much at another. Do make sure you are comparing the exact same services.  For instance, one hosting company may offer shared hosting for the same price that a competitor charges for dedicated hosting.

Your website represents you or your business online. If the server that your website resides on should happen to suddenly go down or experience problems, your website is no longer live. No one can see it. Choose a hosting provider that can reasonably assure you that they will keep your website live and online where you are paying for it to be.

Website hosting comes in a variety of plans with an additional variety of options that can be added. When you're ready to get your site online, choose a hosting plan that fits your needs.  Are you putting up a small website or a large one? Will your business be growing? Will you be adding additional websites? Maybe you need extra email accounts.  Don't pay for features you don't need. At the same time, don't give up features that are important to the success of your business.

Customer service is another area where website hosting companies differ. When you're making a list of prospective web hosts, don't forget to look at how they handle customer service. Some web hosting companies offer excellent tutorials on their websites. All of them should have help departments featuring customer service technicians who are both pleasant and knowledgeable.

Is there a chat button where you can get instant answers day or night? Is there a telephone number you can call 24/7? Does the person at the other end of the chat (or the phone line) speak your language in an easy to understand way?  Take a test drive by asking them a question.

Choose the right web hosting service from the beginning and you'll save yourself a lot of time and trouble later. Choose the company that not only has a price to fit your budget but a plan to fit your business as well.  A company that maintains their equipment so your website doesn't experience unnecessary downtime. A company with customer service people who are not only accessible, they're also nice and know what they are talking about.  If all goes well for both of you, it could be a long and happy relationship.

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