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A Tactical Approach To Halloween Costumes

If there's one time of the year that provides the best opportunities and excuses to be someone else for the night, it's Halloween. Old Hallows Eve may come round but once a year, but if you and your friends like a good reason for a celebration the chances are that you've more than one party to go to this year. Maybe even more than one in the same night!

So how do you avoid those embarrassing fancy dress faux pas - wearing the same costume twice in a row or, even worse, wearing the same costume as your friend?

The answer is in the planning. Can you remember what costume you wore last year? In fact, do you wear the same kind of costume every year? In the same way that we fall into rhythms and routines in our normal dress we tend to find fancy dress costumes that we think suit us and stick to roughly the same thing whenever we have to dress up. Think about it, how many people do you know that turn up as a cat or a witch or a wizard pretty much every year? Make sure you don't fall into the same trap by experimenting with different styles and genres.

Have a look through your photo albums and see how many times you spot yourself in similar looking costumes and see what you've been wearing for the last few years. This will make is easier for you to make sure that your costume this year is something unexpected. If you don't have any photos of recent Halloween parties or fancy dress parties yourself, why not use it as an excuse to have your friends round? Ask them all to bring pictures with them and enjoy a good laugh.

This also will give you the chance to head a double-trouble costume problem off at the path. As you talk about costumes past, you can try to find out what type of fancy dress outfits everyone is plumping for this year. The great thing about talking Halloween costumes out with your circle of friends beforehand is that you'll also have the chance to team up.

Maybe you and a buddy fancy making an entrance as a superhero team (try not to fight over who dresses up as the sidekick), or maybe a whole group of you decide to go as the cast of one of your favourite childhood movies, or maybe you even want to take a traditional route and dress up as a coven of vampires or pack of werewolves, and there's nothing wrong with that as long as you know you aren't going to find yourselves n the exact same costumes on the big night.

Planning your fancy dress costume can be almost as much fun as actually wearing it, so get started early.

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