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Teeth Whitening Kits For Housewives And Working People

The most inexpensive method of whitening teeth is with the help of teeth whitening solution. They are in the form of gels, pastes, foams, pens and even floss. The main composition is each of them is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide solution. Though the percentage of the composition varies from one product to the other, but all are effective. It must however be considered that it is not universal for all age group. So, before using a product you must go through the instructions of the user manual properly and also consult your dentist. Dentist consultation is a MUST because he can also let you know whether your teeth are sensitive or not. You should however avoid bleaching if you have sensitive teeth. Otherwise your teeth may get over sensitive. However many go through Teeth bleaching even on having sensitive teeth, it is as they can tolerate the effect of the treatment. If you face sensitivity after the treatment, swish your mouth with fluoride. You can get instant result.


Generally housewives lives a much relaxed and stress free life. Their working hours is not set within a definite time frame, and hence they can easily manage time for their health and body-care. So, housewives can simply choose to whiten their teeth with the help of bleaching agents like peroxide or so. A common use of peroxide involves more time for the treatment duration and is very cheap too. Hence is perfect for the housewives, first as they have much time to spend, and secondly as they usually don't have much money to spend. Moreover you can easily get peroxide in any retail outlets, and drug store. While buying the product, you can also buy baking soda. This is a supplementary product of peroxide.

After you have whitened your teeth with peroxide, baking soda can be used to maintain the whiteness. Use it with toothpaste while brushing every day. This will help in removing the temporary every day stains that can cause because your regular intake of colored drinks, carbonated drinks, tobacco etc.


Time management is hard-hitting for working women. From bed to office chair and from office chair to bed is their obvious daily routine. For relaxing, nothing can be better than weekend parties! But the loud music hides the slow decay of gums and oral problems. When we realize the fact it is too late, but still then avoiding those night out is absurd, as that will put more stress upon our weak shoulder, so that is a MUST, which comes with a MUST consumption of alcohols, carbonated drinks, tobacco etc.  So, it is palpable that you teeth will get stained. So, you must make friendship with teeth bleaching.

If you don't have much time to visit a dentist you can go for teeth whitening. I think you can choose teeth whitening strips. Though these are a bit expensive, but are really very effective on stained teeth. The peroxide solution varies within 10% to 22%. You can choose the one that serve your purpose. There are also different forms like - premium, advanced, supreme, night etc. Within an hour of treatment, your teeth will get whitened. You need to continue the treatment from 7 days to 3 months (it varies from one product to another) to get white teeth for next one year.

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