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End Of The World Or A New Beginning

There is a lot of hoopla right now about the end of the Mayan calendar as we approach December 21, 2012. Certainly the media has exaggerated the doom and gloom aspect of change, but my guidance tells me that isn't at all what is happening.

We are in the middle of what some are calling The Shift of The Ages. We are moving into a level of consciousness never before experienced on Planet Earth. Reality is returning to balance of male and female energies and between the mind and the heart.

For eons, our minds have served us well. They have taken us through the Industrial Revolution, out of the Dark Ages and into a time of technology (again). We achieved this level, perhaps exceeded it, once before, in the time of Atlantis, but we lacked this balance, and it didn't end well. Since that time we have existed in a patriarchal world, but this shift we are going through now is changing things completely.

The center of power has been male-dominated, and the focus of it has been in the eastern world, and soon, we will receive an influx of light energy that will open the portal for the female aspect, based in the west. It's been predicted by many for a long time, and we are at the precipice today.

This time everything is different. We have done our homework, cleared our karma, and allowed our feminine receptivity to come out of the closet. Our hearts, the ones we slammed shut to keep from feeling the pain we created around us, are opening once again. Opening WIDE.

The reality that appears before us now is totally heart-centered, and this is what will assure that going forward we will stay in the energy of love. We are returning to this love, and it feels different that anything we've experienced previously. We are now remembering our connection to everyone and everything, and the decisions we will make in the coming months and years will take that concept into consideration.

In this moment we are returning to the realization of the power within. The time for playing small is over, and it's incumbent upon each of us to find out truth and LIVE it. The rules of the Universe have always told us that there is cause and effect that we were to treat others as we would be treated ourselves and that there is no room for judgment or attachments. If we stay in the present moment and observe before we speak or make any decisions, it will be easier for us to move into a place of peace.

Take full advantage of these incredible energies that are flowing now. Ask and intend that your heart remain fully open and share the love you feel with everyone and everything you encounter. This is the path to Heaven on Earth.

Jean Adrienne is the creator of Inner Speak, a dynamic tool for releasing your blocks to success and abundance.

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