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How to Build a Modern House on "Sims 2"

    • 1). Look at pictures of modern-style homes to get an idea of what you want to build. Use either pictures of real houses or houses that others have built in "The Sims 2."

    • 2). Draw out your floor plan on graph paper if you like.

    • 3). Draw your house in the game using the wall tool.

    • 4). Add windows. Windows should be single-pane and should enhance the overall geometric look of the house.

    • 5). Decide if you are placing balconies and where you are placing them. While creating your floors, since you can only go out two blocks, you may need to add temporary columns that you remove after your balcony is in place. Enclose your balconies with half walls.

    • 6). Place your roof. If you are going to create a rooftop garden, enclose the roof using the half-wall tool; otherwise outline your roof with the short brick fence tool.

    • 7). Paint the outside of your house. White is often used with a tan color to contrast for single sections of the house.

    • 8). Add landscaping and decorate the inside of your house.

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