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Defining Pregnancy Letter by Letter - N Stands For Nesting and Nausea

Nothing defines pregnancy more that nausea.
Nausea is either neutral nor negotiable.
When you are nauseous it is natural to think that nature has taken it's course in your body.
Nausea is a natural response to changing hormones necessary to the growth of a baby.
It is advisable to keep a napkin handy as you navigate through your early days of the pregnancy.
As you negotiate through all the things that are necessary to know about your pregnancy, here are a few things to keep in mind.
You will not be able to neglect your nesting instinct.
It is natural in all of us.
After a good nap, you will have the need to ask your husband to improve the nursery.
Everything must be neat and tidy.
This may necessitate nagging.
Bribery with the use of a negligee may be necessary.
If you need repairs or painting of the baby's room and these suggestions don't work-call a neighbor.
Naming your baby is another consideration.
Letting your baby go nameless is inexcusable.
Will the baby have a namesake? And are you considering a nanny to help with the "nappies" or will you have a strong network of family, friends and neighbors to help in those first days home.
As your pregnancy continues you will get long narratives about other womens' negative birth experiences.
You may hear of the necessity for narcotics to ease the pain.
These women aren't being negative, they just have their own narrow views.
Do not let them needle you.
Needless to say, you are the captain of this journey.
Now, you know we all come into the world the same way-naked, naive and needy.
There is nothing about the birth experience that is namby-pamby.
You and your newborn are needy in different ways.
Pregnancy and birth are new, novel experiences each time they occur.
Your pregnancy creates a strong bond to the nucleus of your family and nurtures everyone in it.
This is the nest where you will always want to be.

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