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How To Help Children Through Divorce

Divorce is something that does not only involves the parents but also affects the children in many ways.
It is stressful for all of them.
The effect of divorce on the children varies with the age of the children.
Anger, anxiety, sadness and a lot of other mixed feelings can be seen in the child when they know that their parents are going to separate.
A sense of loss is what a child feels.
So it is necessary to help them get out these situations in a smooth manner so that they can run their life without much difficulty.
It is the duty of the parents to help this transition.
When the parents have decided to separate they should tell the child about their intention in a smooth manner.
When they tell this to the child they both have to be present.
It is not easy to convey this message to the child has you think.
However it is your responsibility to tell that in such a way that it minimizes the sense of loss for the child.
It is a very sensitive issue to deal.
Try to make it less painful for your child.
You have to ensure the child that both your love and care would be always there to take care of the child.
You can reveal your decision to divorce according to the age of the child.
There is no necessity to reveal all the details to the child.
Keep it brief and truthful.
There could be mixed emotions from the child when you tell them of your plans to separate.
The reaction of the child would vary from crying to no reaction at all.
The child may get a lot confusion regarding their stay, or where to move.
They may also think about where you will live.
Whether they will continue with the present school or have to change to another one.
They might also be worried about their current summer camp or whether they can still see their friends.
It is your duty as a parent to address these concerns of the child and assure them of the fact.
This would help you to reduce the stress the child undergoes.
Eating and sleeping habits may change in the child.
They may get angry often and cry for even the silly things.
They may be angry with both the parents.
Their stress may turn out to physical problems like upset of the stomach and headaches etc.
If they hope the family may reunite, you have to tell them the real situation but it is not necessary to give all the information at once.
Tell them that they can spend time with both of you separately.
Take care to help them to get over the situation smoothly as far as possible.
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