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The Harsh Truth About Pools And Kids

WARNING! This article includes a sensitive content.
A pool can be such a delight for the whole family - more a delight in fact for the youngsters.
Let's admit shall we? Our kids add joy to our lives but sometimes they can really turn into a chore, if not a source of severe headache.
We chase after them and it seems that wherever they go quickly turns into World War III.
God, we love them so much but we just can't handle them at times - especially when it comes to the pool area.
Have you said this? "Honey don't go near the water!" Yeah, I bet you did, a million times in fact.
If we had a 20 dollar bet, I would rob you off your feet just about now.
Every parent has the struggle of keeping their kids away from the pool.
Why so? Simple.
The answer is drowning.
It is truly frightening.
And no parent would ever want to ever want to undergo that one.
650,000 children have died from drowning in several countries.
It is inevitable, drowning that is.
A lot of parents have lost their little photocopies due to this incident.
Imagine yourself calling for your son or daughter and not hearing from them.
You go out and there you see them, their lifeless bodies floating on your pool.
Oh my GOD, knock on wood.
Would you really let this happen to you and your child? Our children may be a chore but never in a million years would we ever wish for this to happen to them.
So, as a responsible and loving parent, you have to be cautious.
Being cautious can transcend into different safety measures.
These measures are crucial to keeping your babies from the harsh truth about pools and kids.
• Put up fencing around your pool.
The fence should be a minimum of 6 feet high.
The main idea is keep your child away from the pool when you are not available to supervise him or her.
• Install pool alarms.
Pool alarms will sound every time your child comes within 5 to 10 inches from your pool.
Purchase them if you still do not have them.
They are life savers.
• Never ever go missing when you're child goes swimming.
If you can't be there then cancel swimming for the day.
You can never be ignorant when it comes to pool safety.
Some people think that installing cameras are enough to supervise their children when they are pre-occupied with something else.
This is not true.
What good can a camera do when the actual drowning happens? JUST BE THERE.
• Cover your pool when not in use.
Pick a cover that is highly strong and durable.
Weak coverage will also cause your child to drown.
Pool covering can very much substitute for pool fencing.
• Hire a life guard when you are not around.
Let a professional do the job for you.
Opt to accept professional help when you cannot deal with the job.
Drowning is scary, so, as parents we have to gear up.
Take charge and get in the know about pool safety.
Save your kids from drowning TODAY.

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