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They smell sweet, look great, and have a lot of variety to them, no it's not your significant other, and it's the ever popular gel candle.
Gel candles are made with 95% mineral oil and 5% polymer resin.
Gel candles typically work under a simple rule of thumb, the more thick they are the more scent will come from them, and the longer they will last.
These candles are used for aroma therapy as well as for home décor.
Making gel candles is as easy as baking a cake and these will last much longer then your typical sponge cake.
Making gel candles is not only for those with a passion for crafts, it also can be enjoyable for those looking to mix, and match new scents.
For the serious gel candle makers a potential business opportunity awaits you.
Whatever the reason may be, it will be worth your time to learn about how to make gel candles.
The first step in making your gel candle is to pick the scent you would like to put in it.
The typical scent for your candles will come from essential oil, or candle scent concentrate.
The types of scents are limitless, and are available at any crafts store, online candle making website, or a local specialty store.
Once you have chosen the scent you can move on to getting the mold.
Choose the mold that best fits your gel candle making needs.
As generic as that statement sounds, it is true, you must pick what will work for you in terms of a mold.
A gel candle mold is similar to a cookie cutter, or muffin tray, they are indented, engraved, sheets of metal that can be baked at high temperatures.
For advance candle making one can make their own mold.
For beginners it's recommended to choose a simple mold, like that of a jar.
Once the mold has been selected, the scent has been purchased, and you're ready to get started head on over to the kitchen and preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
Add some glue to the bottom of the mold, insert the candle scent concentrate, and pour the gel.
Now in order to get the gel to a liquid form, one must first heat the gel in the oven at 200 degrees until the gel turns into a liquid format.
Once the gel is liquefied add the wick to the mold, pour the gel, and pull the wick up to the top.
Let the candle cool for 4 hours, and enjoy!

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