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How to Fix the Filler Tube in a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    • 1). Raise and support the rear of the Jeep safely on jack stands. Determine which hose is leaking from under the vehicle. Check the clamps for tightness to ascertain if the cause of the leak is a clamp or a hose. If a clamp is the cause, fuel should be seen around the end of the hose. Inspect the hoses for cracking or any type of defect. If the problem is not a loose clamp, continue to replace the hose.

    • 2). Slide under the vehicle. Loosen the clamps on both hoses using a common screwdriver. Open the gas cap cover and remove the four Torx screws securing the filler neck to the body.

    • 3). Twist the filler hose and vent hose at the fuel tank to loosen. Pull the hoses off the fuel tank filler neck. As the hoses are removed and pushed toward the body, the filler neck will come out of the body. The will allow the hose to be twisted off the filler neck.

    • 4). Push the new hose on the filler neck first and tighten the clamp. Do the same with the vent tube.

    • 5). Push the new hoses onto the tank and tighten the clamps. Screw the torx screws into the filler neck.

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