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Dental Bridges: Pros & Cons


    • The dental bridge fills empty space where your natural teeth were.


    • If you decide to have a dental bridge, you will have a crown attached to your natural teeth on each end of the bridge to keep the false tooth or teeth in place.


    • A dental bridge will restore the appearance of a full set of teeth, so you can smile without worrying about people noticing your missing tooth or teeth. In addition, you can have your dental bridge within two visits, according to Dental Health magazine.


    • After the dental procedure, your teeth can undergo changes. For example, you can have extreme sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures. Also, a dental procedure can be expesive. According to Dental Health magazine, the cost can be $250-500 to attach the bridge and up to $1200 per false tooth.


    • With good oral hygiene, a dental bridge can last over 10 years. However, without proper hygiene a bridge will not last long. In fact, it can become infected without necessary care.

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