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The Art Of Selling From The Heart

What have you bought from a computer lately? If you said you couldn't remember, I'd understand. Sometimes I just don't get as far as buying. I might look for something online, and see some information about what I'm going to buy, including a price, delivery time and so on. But if it doesn't speak to me, if it's just dispassionate info, I might abandon my cart and my purchase. And then I forget what the heck that site was anyway.

Some people try and sell to you like a computer. But what great buying experience have you ever had with a human computer, as in a price calculator and order taker? Perhaps there were times when you started out wanting to buy, but your flame of desire went out because nobody fanned it. I bet you felt a little emptiness inside, even a little frustration. Maybe an uncharitable thought about the person who didn't have the heart to get even a little excited about selling to you. I sympathize. It's happened to me too.

Now try another question. Have you ever done the same thing to someone who inquired about your product, your solution? Because here's a funny thing. If people make the effort to contact you about what you offer, then they're interested. In fact, they've already made an emotional investment, however modest. And here's another funny thing. People won't necessarily be open about their interest. They may be offhand, casual. Like.. well, like they were expecting to communicate with a computer.

It's paradoxical. People want to see emotion, passion even, and they go and box you into being a computer.
But computers only have brains, of a sort, and they don't have hearts. You have a heart. When you sell from the heart, you'll connect with people. They'll stop abandoning their purchase. There's a leap of faith involved, but it's very doable. You have to believe that by putting your heart into your selling, you'll draw a similar response from the people buying. A response of passion, emotion, feeling, call it what you will, but a response that was there all the time.

I think that in this information age, we still have to remember that when we sell as human beings, we'll still beat out the order takers and the computers that shield themselves from buyers and won't ever make a mistake. Or share a feeling. Or make a real connection, the kind that pulls the sale through to completion, to happy customers and repeat business. That's really where the art of selling from the heart starts - remembering to be a human again.

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