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How to Calibrate an Auto Digital Compass With Temperature

    • 1). Turn off the magnetic calibration located in the settings portion of your digital compass. (Reference the user guide for details, as models vary.)

    • 2). Press the "Reset" button on your digital compass. This is usually on the front, but the location varies by model.

    • 3). Place the compass on a level surface with no obstructions.

    • 4). Set the compass calibration to "Manual" as listed on the screen.

    • 5). Rotate the compass a full 360 degrees on the flat surface.

    • 6). Access the calibration setting on your compass and set magnetic calibration to "Auto."

    • 7). Rotate the compass 360 degrees.

    • 8). Access the calibration setting once again and turn off the magnetic calibration.

    • 9). Turn off your compass and turn it back on.

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