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How to Write Out a Lesson Plan for a Daycare Head Start Classroom

    • 1). Create a line for the date, title of the lesson plan and teacher name. You can hand draw it using paper, pencil and ruler or you can create it using word processing software.

    • 2). Divide the paper into five columns. Label the top of each column with: Center Time, Small Group, Standards/Objectives, Weekly Activities and Learning Center Materials.

    • 3). Draw horizontal lines across the paper to create a grid, or calendar. Along the left side of the calendar, write Monday through Friday, one day per row.

    • 4). Fill in each box, beginning with Monday's row. For the Center Time box, write in the concepts you plan to cover that day. Counting to 100, discussing the day's weather, reading and discussing a book or playing musical instruments, for example.

    • 5). Write in your plans for Monday during Small Group time in the Small Group box. Small group activities may be related to that week's theme. Some examples of activities include: learning addition with counting bears, graphing favorite foods and drawing self portraits.

    • 6). Put the standards or objectives you plan on reaching on Monday. This may be numbers, if you have a standards booklet or it can be teacher-created objectives. Perhaps you want the students to understand the concept of addition or that different types of animals live in different environments.

    • 7). Think of interesting weekly activities for your students. Under Weekly Activities, for Monday, write in the things you plan on doing with them. This could be reading books, studying charts or doing an arts and crafts project.

    • 8). Write in the materials needed in the Learning Center Materials box for Monday. This could be baby dolls, dress-up clothes, books and tapes, sand and water tables, puzzles or markers and crayons. Head Start students spend a lot of time in centers, playing and learning. It's a good idea to plan for all the materials you'll need for each center each week.

    • 9). Continue filling in the boxes for each day of the week. Once you are finished, go back and check the lesson plan for spelling and grammatical errors. Post the lesson plan on your classroom door so parents can see all the things their children are learning at Head Start.

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