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How to Remove Lint Balls From Fleece

    • 1). Spread the fleece on the table with the lint facing up, and smooth out the fabric with your hand.

    • 2). Turn on the lint shaver with one hand, and spread your other hand out flat on the fleece, with your thumb extended as far as possible from your index finger. Press down gently on the fabric to keep tension on the fabric, and shave the area of the fleece between your thumb and index finger.

    • 3). Move your hand over, positioning the open area between your thumb and forefinger, so you can shave the area right beside the first place you shaved, without leaving any lint balls behind.

    • 4). Dump the catching basket when it gets half full, because overfilled lint shavers do not perform as well as empty shavers. Do not try to finish the project before dumping the basket, because a large fleece item might fill the basket several times.

    • 5). Brush the fleece with the soft-bristled fabric brush, if the shaver misses some of the lint balls the first time you shave it. Brushing the fabric will make the fibers stand up, then shave the fabric again to get rid of the rest of the lint balls.

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