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Choosing the Best Language to Learn

There are over 6900 spoken languages in this world (this includes different dialects), making the options endless.
Knowing a language can really help you understand the person who is speaking the language a lot better, their choice of words can often end up defining them.
However, choosing the right language for you is the difficult bit.
The best way to select which language you want to learn is by making a list of what the purpose of the language is for.
Finding the purpose and working backwards to the language is a very effective way to choosing the right language.
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What country or countries would I want to live in?
  • Which language is beneficial to my career?
  • What languages does my partner speak?
  • Where do I plan to travel in the world?
What country or countries would I want to live in? Just make a list of any countries you'd like to live in, not the ones you want to visit for a few months.
This can help you narrow down the languages that are helpful if you do choose to live in them.
For example if you wanted to live in South America, learning Spanish or Portuguese would be extremely useful.
Spanish is spoken as the primary language in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Columbia and many more Latin American countries; or Portuguese on the other hand is spoken in Brazil and is learnt as a foreign language in Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia.
Learning Portuguese if you are planning to relocate to the Americas can be extremely useful.
Which language is beneficial to my career? If your career involves you communicating or dealing with people who speak a different language, learning that language can be a great asset for you in climbing the ladder in your career.
Say you deal with Japanese diplomats a lot, learning Japanese and their cultural habits can really show that you respect the Japanese and may even end up in making you an invaluable asset to your employer.
Or if you are planning to travel the world and work with the Red Cross then learning the language of the countries you are going to be working in would be advisable.
What languages does my partner speak? Knowing the language your partner speaks can be a great way to impress the in-laws and allow you to communicate and understand your partner a lot better.
Where do I plan to travel in the world? If you plan to be a tourist then it can be great to know the language before you travel, it can really allow you to understand and experience the country on a whole new level.
You can communicate with the locals and really get to grips with their society and culture along with some amazing tips on locations to visit and sights to see! Once you've answered those questions it is only a matter of learning the language or languages you think are most useful.

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