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How to Play Shockwave Pool

    • 1). Select your options in the main menu. You can choose the type of game, number of players and the location of the game table.

    • 2). Look around the table when the game begins by holding the left mouse button down and moving it from left to right. The cue stick will remain in the center of the screen; this will allow you to position the cue stick where you will need it on the table (around the cue ball).

    • 3). Click and hold the left mouse button on the cue stick and pull back on the mouse in order to increase the power of your shot. Thrust the mouse forward in order to complete the shot.

    • 4). Use the cue stick and cue ball to shoot the balls into the table's various pockets in accordance with the rules of your game. For example, in 8-ball, you must hit the assigned balls into your table pockets, and then pocket the 8 ball in order to win the game.

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