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How to Spec IR Illuminators

An Infrared illuminator is an illuminating device that is used to increase night vision for security cameras and other products. IRilluminators are typically invisible to human eyes but allow cameras increased visibility and clarity at night. Because the infrared technology allows cameras to work in complete darkness without the spotlight effect of other devices, they are easily hidden from view. Infraredilluminators will greater fidelity decrease the spotlighting effect by evenly spread the infrared light. There are several features to choose from regarding IRed illuminators to meet your specific application.

You should consider the following specifications prior to purchasing an infraredilluminator:

1. Frequency

Frequency is an important feature when considering infrared illuminators. If you want the illuminator to be completely invisible, it needs to operate in the 940nM range. If you do not need it to be completely invisible, then one within the 750nm to 880nm range will meet your needs.

2. Range

Getting a device with the correct range is important. If you get one with too much range it will be a larger unit and use more electricity, both of which are important for covert operations. The smaller battery operated units offer better covert capabilities.

3. Location

Many times the illuminator is placed next to the camera; however, another method is to place it near the subject you are filming. A smaller unit with greater cost efficient can be used by placing it near the subject.
4. Angle of Camera

The cameras available are sensitive to specific frequencies of light. Black and white cameras with low lox ratings are great for nighttime infrared filming. Cameras that are day and or night camera are difficult to use with infrared illuminators.

5. Optics

The lens of the camera is important when using IR illuminators. An F-stop with F1.2 or lower is the best for illuminator use.

6. Weather Resistance

Many people use infrared illuminators for outside surveillance, which requires weatherproofing rated by Ingress Protection Rating (IP). For moderate outdoor protection a rating if IP65 is recommended.

It is important to look at the variety of features offered for infrared illuminators before purchasing. By comparing the variety of features available you will be able to select the IR illuminator to meet your needs. Are you in the market for IR illuminators? If so, then you should know that you have a number of factors to consider when purchasing an IR illuminator. Among the things you need to look into when buying IR or infraredilluminator are the range, location, optics and weather resistance. You also need to choose between IR illuminators that are integral to or separate from the camera itself.

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