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How to Measure the Strength of a Paper Towel

    • 1). Create a very basic record sheet: Write the names of each brand of paper towel in one column with the title "Brand" at the top of the column. In the next column, write the words, "Number of coins" at the top.

    • 2). Tear a sheet from the first brand of paper towel and wet it completely. Place it over the mouth of the jar, securing it with a rubber band. Place a penny on top of the wet paper towel, suspended over the mouth of the jar. Add penny after penny until the paper towel breaks. Record the maximum number of pennies that the paper towel could hold before breaking.

    • 3). Tear a sheet of paper towel from each of the remaining three brands and repeat this process, recording the maximum number of pennies each brand could hold before breaking. Evaluate your results: The paper towel that could hold the maximum number of pennies is the strongest.

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