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DIY Toilet Seat Cover Art

    Paint the Seat

    • 1). Unscrew the toilet seat cover from the toilet.

    • 2). Clean the toilet seat cover with warm, soapy water and a dish rag so that the paint will adhere if it is a plastic or aluminum cover. Dirt and dust on the cover can make the paint flake easily. Let air dry. If the seat cover is made of wood, sand it with the grain to prep it for painting. Wipe any sawdust from the cover before painting.

    • 3). Draw a the outline of a picture that pleases you in the center of the toilet seat cover. Make sure it's a picture that you can easily fill in with paint, such as a flower, butterfly or house shape. If you would like, draw a border around the edge of the toilet seat that complements the center picture. You can do a picture by itself or a border by itself if you prefer.

    • 4). Paint over the picture, filling in the middle and the outline with the paint.

    • 5). Tape a stencil to the toilet seat cover instead of freehand drawing a picture. Paint inside the cut-out portions of the stencil. When done painting, remove the stencil and wash any paint from the edges before it has a chance to dry.

    • 6). Let the seat cover dry overnight before attaching it to the toilet again.

    Decoupage the Seat Cover

    • 1). Cut images that you like from a magazine, catalog or newspaper. Try to cut out pictures that belong in your bathroom and match the current decor.

    • 2). Arrange the pictures on the toilet seat in a collage. Move the pictures around until you like what you see.

    • 3). Take a picture of the collage, then remove the images from the toilet seat cover.

    • 4). Clean the seat cover with soap and water and let dry. If it is a wooden cover, sand with the grain and clean away any sawdust.

    • 5). Coat the seat cover with a layer of decoupage glue. Working quickly, reposition the pictures on the cover. Reference the picture you took if you can't remember how you placed the images.

    • 6). Apply a layer of decoupage glue on top of the toilet seat cover to seal the collage. Allow it to dry for a few hours, then apply another layer to provide a more protective coating. You may want to apply a third coat of glue, since the toilet will be in a humid area. Reattach the seat cover after letting the final coat dry over night.

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