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How to Transform Your Outlook on Life Online

    • 1). Joining an online support group can put you with peers who are facing situations similar to your own. In these groups, you can discuss problems you are coping with and receive feedback and encouragement to help you through difficult times.

    • 2). Sign up at a social networking site. This allows you to make friends all over the world. Depression can lead to isolation. Making even one friend in another part of the world can lead to exploring a new culture and new conversations. Laughing with a friend can stimulate the brain and release endorphins causing you to feel happy, according to the University of California, San Francisco.

    • 3). Find an Internet community that has interests similar to your own. Being part of a group of peers can help lead to feelings of unity and acceptance. Search for a group that you may enjoy. Exchange ideas and thoughts with people who have the same passions as yourself.

    • 4). Chose a site such as Dream This Day to receive daily inspiration. The messages you receive should be positive and uplifting. Repeat positive quotes to yourself or write them down and put them on your computer.

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