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Timber Flooring - Go Recycled

Timber flooring can bring style, elegance, and a warm sense of homeliness to any room in the house.
There's something about it that just oozes comfort.
Perhaps it's the rich colours, or maybe it's the intricate grains - either way it's pleasing on the eye and it's well suited to pretty much any type of decor.
There are many different types of timber floors available, each with their own visual appeal and functional use.
This provides for plenty of choice, which means there's a solution to meet all requirements One of the most striking types of variation in timber floors exists in the species of timber used.
For example, the Australian hardwood species of Jarrah and Karri are rich and dark in colour, with plenty of colour variation.
Whereas Blackbutt and Tasmanian Oak are much lighter in colour and Wandoo has a honey coloured palette.
All of these varieties are well suited to timber flooring, but each of them brings their own level of strength and durability to the table.
One of the best ways to deliver the right type of aesthetic to a room, without sacrificing the need for durability, is to use recycled timber.
Recycled timber is far less likely to warp and bend because it has already been seasoned against unwanted movement.
This means that when you're buying recycled timber from a supplier they should be able to give you a money back guarantee, along with that much needed peace of mind.
Recycled timber flooring is also available in bigger dimensions than timber flooring that comes fresh from the forest.
They can be custom machined to suit any sort of size requirements, and can also be sourced from anywhere in the world; overseas shipping is easy to arrange.
It's also much easier to match recycled timber to the colour of an already established timber floor - it's impossible to artificially recreate that well loved look on new season timber.
Of course, one of the most attractive aspects of recycled timber flooring is that it is environmentally friendly.
It is reclaimed from sites such as old houses, schools, and hotels, and given a chance to shine once more, whilst saving the world's forests and habitats from destruction.
This is one of the best environmentally friendly products out there - higher quality at a cheaper price.
What could be better?

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