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How to Cancel Your OGF Account

    • 1). Log in to your OGF account. Doing this provides access to the features required for canceling the account.

    • 2). Obtain your unique session ID. This is important and you'll use it later.

    • 3). Copy and paste the GenealogyCloud cancellation link into your web browser address bar. Replace "sessionId" in the brackets with the value obtained in step 1. Replace "emailAddress" with your user account e-mail address. For "refund", type "true" if you received a refund before canceling your account or "false" if otherwise.

    • 4). Hit "Enter" on your web browser and a response payload should appear in the window.

    • 5). Check for the line "<Message>Success</Message>", which confirms that your account has been successfully canceled. If you're unable to see it, or if a different message is shown, contact one of the OGF administrators.

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