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Organic Gardening - Building a Vegetable Rock Garden

When building a rock garden you want to keep it simple and looking natural.
Stay away from consistent designs.
Like placing the rocks in a continuous pattern.
Rock gardens want to fit the natural landscape as they were put there by nature.
Building a rock garden can be the answer to creating something beautiful in a very rocky or unworkable part of your yard.
It is the best way to convert a problem area that you have and turning it into a useful garden.
They can be build for both vegetables and flowers.
If your yard isn't rocky you are going to have to find some rock or purchase them from a local garden center or sand and gravel company.
Once you have the rock you need on hand mark out the perimeter of the area your garden is going to be.
Make it look natural by taking a string line or even a garden hose and wind it around on the ground to a shape that is natural looking.
Once you are done with your garden layout you can start placing the rocks along the outside edge.
Place the rocks at uneven distances apart.
Some can be one foot apart and others can be two or three feet apart.
Don't place the rocks butted together like a stone wall.
If the ground that you are working with isn't that difficult to dig you can bury the first course into the ground burying them half there height.
After the first course has been place you will need to fill the inside are with some soil, leaving the soil low enough to receive about a eight inches layer of topsoil at the end.
After the first course is backfilled you can start placing more rocks on top of the filled in area.
Just scatter the rocks around with no particular pattern.
Some can touch the outside perimeter rocks and other keep the center.
Use your imagination and keep it simple as if the rocks were placed there by nature.
Once all your rocks are in place you will need to fill around them again about half the height of the rock and then place about eight inches of a compost and topsoil mix over the fill.
Now you are ready to plant and enjoy the beauty of your own personal rock garden.

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