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Book Review: Encouraging Appropriate Behavior for Children Rating

Updated July 22, 2013.

The Bottom Line

While Richman is not a parent, she has collected parents' questions and answered them in a compelling manner. I loved the fact that nearly every question resonated with me (YES! I want the answer, and I want it NOW!). While not every answer will work for every parent, Richman incorporates some really creative ideas in this book.

  • Excellent FAQ topics
  • Most advice is useful and practical

  • Addresses underlying issues as well as immediate problems
  • Addresses parents' real concerns

  • Formal tone can sound a bit "schoolmarmish"

  • Book of frequently asked questions and answers about behavior
  • Addressed by behavior therapist Shira Richman
  • Published in 2006 by Jessica Kingsley Publishing

Guide Review - Book Review: Encouraging Appropriate Behavior for Children

Encouraging Appropriate Behavior for Children on the Autism Spectrum: Frequently Asked Questions by Shira Richman is a collection of questions and answers organized into general areas. Most of the questions are terrific: "Is there a way to teach the art of chit chat?" "My daughter says 'no hitting' as she hits her sister -- what are we doing wrong?"

While Richman bills herself as a behaviorist, I was impressed by the really creative, practical answers she offers to parents. Instead of simply admonishing parents to break down the tasks into steps, she recommends a whole range of "tricks" and innovative ideas that have the potential to really make a difference.

For example, she recommends actually writing chit-chat scripts (she includes one in the book) and rehearsing!

The only "down"side of this book is its tone, which is a bit stiff and formal. Parents may feel that they are being directed rather than coached -- and in some cases the direction is a bit absolute.

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